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Cheeseburger (sous vide, sort of)

Since I often cook for one person I like to prepare, divide, and freeze food. One of many foods I prepare this way are burgers, because it's silly to start up the grill for one burger. Unfortunately, reheating a cooked frozen burger in the microwave is pretty much guaranteed to overcook the burger. The solution to this problem is sous vide!

I prepared and seasoned a 5.4 ounce (before cooking) no-antibiotic grass fed ground beef burger.

I seared off the burger on my grill for 1:30 to 2:00 on each side. This was just enough to brown the outside, though I have a high temperature infrared propane grill. The timing for charcoal is probably about the same, though it will probably take longer with an regular propane grill.

I then immediately froze the burgers to stop the cooking and vacuum sealed them after they were frozen solid (to avoid sucking out all of the juices). Safely in their air-tight pouch they'll last for months in the freezer.

The beauty of the sous vide is that all you need to do is drop the frozen pouch right into the cooker! OK, it's not exactly a quick meal since it needs to hang out for a while, about 30 minutes at 132°F (56°C) for medium rare. But I don't have to touch it, so I don't think that really counts as cooking time. And since all of the juices are inside the pouch, there's really nothing to clean up!

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