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Roasted pork with gravy

I intended to make a bone-in roasted pork, similar to what I made earlier . The universe was conspiring against this menu and I made thinly sliced roasted pork with gravy instead, which was quite delicious!

Trim the fat from a sirloin end pork roast and separate from the bone making something that looks like an over-sized tenderloin, other meaty bits, and a pile of bone. Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder and place in a lightly oiled roasting pan.

I had intended to make pork chops, but I wasn't paying attention and picked up a sirloin end roast without the rib bones instead of a 7-rib roast, so I decided boneless was the way to go.

Roast for an hour at 350°F, flipping at 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, I wasn't really paying attention I neglected to take into account the thinness and the meat was slightly overdone, reaching about 170°F internally. To counteract dryness I decided to thinly slice the pork and make gravy instead of making pork chops.

Simmer the roasted bone in enough water to cover for 3 hours to make pork stock.

Heat the pan drippings, some of the pork stock, soy sauce, and a slurry of flour and water to make pork gravy.

Though nothing like what I was intending to make, it was very delicious. I also ended up with 4 servings for pork for stir fry and two thinly sliced pork with gravy meals.

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