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Stir fry meat

One of the keys to quick and easy stir-fry, especially for one person, is the pre-cooked, pre-sliced, and frozen meat. I do this for beef, pork, chicken, and turkey.

If I want to have a quick beef with broccoli I grab a package of beef from the freezer, defrost it for 45 seconds in the microwave (on high), and add it to the sautéing vegetables.

In some cases, I make a roast specifically for this purpose and cut it up. Other times, especially for turkey and chicken, I prepare the leftovers this way.

This is my stir-fry meat box. Yes, it's arranged by kind of meat then date. Each package is vacuum sealed and labeled.

The box is actually a CD/DVD storage box and my big upright freezer is filled with them, because loose vacuum sealed packages are downright unwieldy without them.

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