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Roasted pork, like Mom makes, without any special kitchen equipment!

I was in the mood for a roasted pork in the style of Mom's roasted pork. Unfortunately there wasn't a good 7-rib bone-in cut at the supermarket so I had to settle for a bone-in sirloin end pork cut, which is kind of difficult to deal with. It was a bargain, however.

I try to buy local organic meat, but I have trouble finding organic pork roasts for some reason, so I got this at my regular supermarket.

Preheat the oven to 400°F.

After much hacking away at it, I managed to separate out the nice roast piece from the layer of fat and silverskin and "the other chunk of meat." If you just threw the roast from the supermarket directly in the oven you'd have this annoying fat and gristle layer in each slice of chop, which is just not good eating! Plus. the odd shape would cause parts of it to be overdone and parts to be underdone.

This is what went into the oven. There are a couple smaller pieces of meat, a few scraps. and a big roast. All were seasoned with granulated garlic and freshly ground black pepper.

Cook for 15 minutes. Drizzle soy sauce over the pieces.

Cook for 15 more minutes, then remove the small bits. If the other pieces are 155°F, remove them as well.

The small bits are crispy and delicious. Just add a little more soy sauce and eat as a snack!

Add a small amount of water to the pan (enough the cover the bottom but not very deep), drizzle a little more soy sauce over the roast.

Cook for 15 more minutes then check the doneness of the roast. I had to cook 10 more minutes after that. Make sure there's a little water in the pan so the juices don't burn.

Remove the roast from the pan and let rest for 10 minutes.

Add more water to the pan if necessary to deglaze and add a little more soy sauce the the pan. Cook for a few minutes on the stovetop to make a sauce. Strain.

Made: 7 2.6 oz. packages for stir-fries. 1 3.7 oz. package for a big stir-fry. 2 4.3 oz. boneless "chops" with jus.

Update (3/16/2011):

I made this again, this time using a bone-in center-cut pork roast, which is much simpler to deal with. Just trim a little fat off the top.

And roasted:

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