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Beef (or pork) with bean sprouts and scallion stir-fry

This is a quick and tasty lunch. The only problem is that I don't usually keep mung bean sprouts on hand because they spoil so quickly. I usually plan my weekly menu with this dish and pad Thai to use up a most if not all of a package within a few days.

Cut up 2 - 3 scallions in 1" pieces, keeping the white and green parts separate.

Cook a 3.2 oz. package of pre-cooked, frozen package of stir-fry beef in the microwave for 0:40. I make packages of stir-fry beef whenever I make and eye of round roast beef, so it's nice and lean and tender.

Heat a sauté pan over medium heat. Add oil. I usually use canola, but olive oil, peanut, whatever are fine.

Add the white parts of the scallion and cook for a few minutes.

This dish is also good with added broccoli, you could toss that in now if desired.

Add the beef, bean sprouts and the green parts of the scallions and cook for a few minutes.

Season with freshly ground pepper, granulated garlic and soy sauce.

If the rice is refrigerated, take one serving of Japanese white sushi rice from the refrigerator and plate it. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave for 0:40.

Add the stir-fry and serve.

This dish is also good with pork, prepared exactly the same way.

Update December 1, 2015: It's also good with a little broccoli.

Update December 20, 2017: It's also good with Morningstar veggie steak strips, for a vegetarian version of this dish .

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