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Hot dog

I really don't get a craving for a hot dog very often, but when I do I always have one at the ready:

Since I can't possibly consume an entire package of hot dogs, I grill the whole package, then individually vacuum seal and freeze them. I can then just grab one from the freezer.

They reheat really well in the vacuum bag at 140°F for 35 minutes (from frozen) but they can also be reheated boil-in-bag (10 minutes from frozen).

I didn't use to like to use the microwave, but sealed inside the vacuum bag, from frozen, 25 seconds, flipping once half way through, actually works pretty well. Keep and eye on it; when the bag inflates, it's done.

I also freeze my Barowski's wheat hot dog buns. They defrost best wrapped in plastic wrap and left out at room temperature for a couple hours. Or, in a pinch, defrosted for 20 seconds in the microwave.

Incidentally, Barowski's wheat hot dog bugs are apparently "hot dog length" so I should have gotten the normal length Hebrew National all-beef hot dogs, not the "bun length" ones, because the hot dog was longer than the bun!

Mine is topped with Dijon mustard and sweet pickle relish. And some Kettle Chips barbecue potato chips.

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