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Sautéed spinach, sardines and rice

This is one of those lunches that I ate so often I kind of got sick of it and stopped making it. But it's quick, easy and healthy. If the rice is refrigerated, plate one serving, cover with plastic wrap and microwave for 0:40. Top with furikake (seaweed, sesame seeds, etc.).

Serve either a half tin or a full tin of sardines with a little soy sauce. These are Wild Planet sustainably caught California coast wild sardines packed in water. 

Heat a sauté pan over medium heat. Add a little oil, 2 cups of spinach, and wilt the spinach. Add freshly ground black pepper, hana katso (Japanese dried bonito fish flakes) and soy sauce.

That's it!

I've also made this dish with kale instead of spinach .

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