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Tuna sushi plate #3

Delicious homemade sushi plate!

Hosomaki: tuna, shredded carrot, cucumber, and rice surrounded by nori

Tuna sashimi

Avocado roll, with cucumber, shredded carrot and rice, surrounded by nori

Spicy tuna roll, with tuna, cucumber and sriracha hot sauce

The key to making nice looking rolls if you're not a professional sushi chef, as I am clearly not, is to take your hot sushi rice, add the sushi vinegar, then flatten it out on a sheet pan to cool. You can then pick up pre-flattened rice with a big spatula and drop it right on the nori to make a pretty reasonable looking roll. This amount of rice makes three small rolls.

And practice makes perfect. Looking at the rolls I made one year earlier, yes, I've gotten better!

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