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Separating flour tortillas

I get these flour tortillas from my grocery store and they're always one solid block. I've tried a number of ways of separating them, which mostly do not work:

Using the sharp edge of a knife didn't work at all. Well, it effectively separated them, but not in a useful way, since I ended up tortillas with holes.

Using the flat edge of the knife worked a little better, but not much.

Sliding my hand between the room temperature tortillas sort of worked, but there were several broken ones.

Sliding my hand between refrigerated tortillas worked the best, until I found the perfect method…

Heat the tortillas for 30 seconds in the microwave in their bag. Take them out of the bag, peel them apart. This should be very easy to do. Separate the tortillas with wax paper, put back in the bag, and refrigerate. This is by far the best method, and is the first time I've separated a whole stack of tortillas without breaking a single one. And it was fast.

I had hesitated to do this initially because I thought it might adversely affect the texture of the tortillas but so far, so good.

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