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Smoked salmon lox

I have this every Sunday morning for breakfast, but I never made a post about how I handle it. It's not like I can just walk to the corner deli and pick up 2.0 oz. here, so here's what I do.

My grocery store sells 4.0 oz and 8.0 oz. packages of smoked salmon, vacuum sealed. It's previously frozen, but it's not bad.  

The first problem is that the serving at the top of the page is 2.0 oz., and you're supposed to use it within a few days of opening. I used to re-vacuum seal and refrigerate the leftover half for an entire week, and I didn't die, but decided I probably shouldn't do that. Now, when I bring it home from the grocery store I cut it, vacuum seal and freeze it right away. Here it is out of the package with the first cut in half.

The a little creative cutting. Also some splicing; I'll cut off parts that stick out and flip them around to fill in the missing areas so all of the pieces are basically rectangular.

And that's it. Vacuum sealed again and ready to freeze. I take a package out Saturday night and leave it in the refrigerator and it's ready to go Sunday morning.

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