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Chili and cheese hot dog

This was really good!

I grill, vacuum seal, and freeze hot dogs because I can't eat a whole package before it would go bad.

When I make a batch of Chili with beef and vegetables I make a few small servings of 2.4 oz. for chili hot dogs.

When it comes time to make this meal:

Defrost the chili and hot dog in a bowl of cold water.

When ready to cook, start a pot of water boiling for the bamboo steamer basket.

Add Dijon mustard to the bun.

Heat the hot dog in the microwave until warm.

Put the chili in a small ramekin and microwave until warm.

Add the hot dog, chili, and shredded cheese to the bun.

Steam for 1 minute on a piece of parchment paper.

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