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Travel Breakfast Sandwich

Normally my hotel room when I go skiing has a kitchen in it. However, that hotel was fully booked so I had to improvise.

I got this neat little electric lunch box cooker. It's not really intended to make sausage breakfast sandwiches, but I figured it would work. You can plug it into a wall outlet, or even use it in your car.

I also got some of these breakfast sandwiches.

I defrosted one in the refrigerator (about 24 hours) because I figured it would take way too long in the little cooker to reheat one from frozen. Plus, that's the way it will likely be when I bring home from home in a cooler. They're in individually wrapped packages and I defrosted it in the sealed bag.

Breakfast sandwich looks pretty good. This is after defrosting but before cooking.

Here it is in the cooker. I separated it this way. You could probably cook two unseparated.

I also debated putting the sausage right on the cooker base and the bread on the other side, which probably would have heated faster, but also been messier, especially with the melted cheese, and hard to remove from the cooker without a spatula.

I heated it for 40 minutes and it was warm but it could have been hotter. Maybe 50 minutes or even an hour. This is way slower than the microwave!

It was good, however! The cooker works well, doesn't make alarming sounds or odors that would attract attention. The English muffin wasn't toasted, but it was crispy, better than microwaved.

Note: The bottom of the cooker gets warm. It won't damage a counter top, but I probably wouldn't put it directly on fine furniture to be safe.

I may not end up using this because it's very slow and cooking is not allowed in my hotel room, which I did not realize when I ordered the cooker.


It's significantly faster to use the microwave! From frozen:

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