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Chicken salad croissant

This doesn't requite a recipe, but I made a page for it so it shows up in the lunch menu of possibilities.

It's actually packaged chicken salad from the grocery store, which isn't bad.

There are two servings in the package, and I used 105 grams (3.7 oz.), which is about 280 calories.

That's too much chicken salad to fit on a half croissant or a half slice of bread, but it was the perfect amount for one small croissant.

However, I think this might have been too much food, so I might go with a 2.6 oz. serving of chicken salad instead (207 calories, 3 servings per package) next time.

Half sandwich

It's good with 2.4 oz. chicken salad on a half sandwich. This seems like a good amount.

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