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Chicken sandwich

I kind of like the McDonalds spicy chicken deluxe sandwich, but I usually get it from the drive-through, and it takes long enough to drive back that I need to reheat it, which I do by fully disassembling it and reheating it in the oven, which pretty much negates the fast aspect of fast food.

It finally occurred to me that I ought to just make my own. To make life easier I got some frozen chicken breast patties. These aren't quite right, I think I need slightly fancier chicken, but they were OK.

I ignored the instruction and heated it in the microwave for 40 seconds on high, then finished it in the deep fryer for 40 seconds.

I had to heat the deep fryer for the French fries, anyway. I made 2.6 oz., slightly less than the serving size and way less than medium fries.

I also got different rolls, instead of my regular whole wheat hamburger buns. These were good, but a little big for this particular chicken patty.

For the spicy sauce I added chipotle mayo.

Since the chicken patties are not as seasoned as the McDonalds chicken, I seasoned them with freshly ground black pepper and cayenne pepper after deep frying.

And finally, fresh lettuce and a vine-ripened tomato, which are way better than McDonalds.

It was good, and easy to make. A little upgrade on the chicken and it should be perfect.

I might use these strips, or even better some spicy chicken strips, next time.

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