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Fried chicken strips and French fries

This doesn't really require a recipe but made one so I'd remember how I prepare it, and so it shows up on the menu page.

These chicken strips are easier to make into an exactly 3.0 oz. (210 cal) than a breast or thigh of chicken.

It works well with French fries. The serving size is 3.0 oz. but I usually make 2.6 oz. (182 cal). Deep fry for 2 minutes.

Microwave the frozen chicken for 30 seconds to defrost, then deep fry with the French fries for the last minute of cooking.

Serve with ketchup for the fries and barbecue sauce for the chicken.

It's a little high in calories (392 cal., plus more for sauces and condiments) so I usually make it for dinner instead of lunch.

It's also good with mashed potatoes (5.0 oz.) and gravy!

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