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Honey garlic glazed pork tenderloin

I rarely make pork tenderloin because it's too lean and tends to be dry and bland. I happened across this recipe, however, and it looked really good. It was pretty good, but I still stick with my position that there are way better cuts of pork than pork tenderloin.

Dry rub. This is half of the original recipe. Since I used whole dried thyme and rosemary leaves I briefly ground the spices together.

I cut the 1 lb. tenderloin in half so it's easier to fit in a pan.

Cover the tenderloins in the dry rub. I vacuum sealed and refrigerated it for several hours, but this is optional.

Sauce (this is mostly half of the original recipe, but some amounts adjusted):


It made 3 servings of 4.4 oz., and I vacuum sealed and froze two servings.

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