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Jerk Chow Mein

This is basically a scaled down version of the Jerk Chow Mein recipe from the Jon Kung cookbook "Kung Food." It can be made with different proteins and different vegetables, and certainly in a larger quantity, but this is what I made for one serving the first time.

These are the lo mein noodles that they had at my supermarket. A 2.0 oz. serving is 190 calories. Cooking time is 6 minutes.

I used a small package of frozen chicken breast tenders, 2.6 oz.. The recipe called for tofu, pork loin, beef tenderloin, or chicken thighs.

The recipe also calls for homemade jerk seasoning paste, which I'm sure is great, but I already had some sauce in a jar and I used that instead.

Vacuum marinate the chicken with a tablespoon or more jerk seasoning for at least 2 hours or up to 24 hours, refrigerated.

The recipe calls for cauliflower, broccoli, baby bok choy, or snow peas, and I had snow peas handy so that's what I used.

I cut the marinated chicken right before cooking, though you could cut it after cooking.

Cook the vegetables and meat until done, add the cooked noodles and more jerk sauce, and serve.

This was really good!

The book points out that there is long a history of Caribbean-Chinese fusion cooking. In the mid-1850, Chinese slaves were taken to Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad, and they brought primarily Cantonese ingredients and cooking methods.

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