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Asian salad

This is the Fresh Express chopped salad kit, Asian style.

The package also includes:

I get three lunch-sized servings out of a single package.

I've used both Annie's Asian sesame dressing and the dressing in the package and both are good. I eventually figured out if I pour the pouch of dressing into a small mason jar it's way easier to keep and use for multiple salads.

I've added whatever meat I had handy:

Brooks chicken

Leftover Brooks barbecued chicken breast

Grilled chicken

Homemade grilled chicken breast tenders (spiedie marinated):


2.8 oz. sous vide pork that I normally use for stir-fry. I like it better with rice than bread.

Canned tuna

With a half a 5.0 oz. can of Wild Planet skipjack tuna. I used the other half to make spicy tuna salad for a future sandwich lunch. This was enough without adding rice or bread.

Canned salmon

This was good! I hadn't had canned salmon in decades. It's pretty similar to tuna and works well in this dish.

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