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Sesame tofu, broccoli and celeriac with sweet and spicy garlic sauce

This is probably one of the best recipes for tofu that I've made! Sure, it's a lot more work than tofu, broccoli and scallions but it's really, really tasty.  Start by making a basic teriyaki marinade. I used some soy sauce, minced fresh garlic, ginger and a little sake. Heat in a small saucepan to just before boiling, reduce the heat to simmer, and simmer for a couple minutes.

Cut the tofu into serving sized pieces. I marinated in a vacuum sealed bag which speeds the marination process and greatly reduces the amount of marinade needed. But any sort of bowl, dish, or even a zip-lock bag would work. Refrigerate.

This is half of a 14 oz. package of tofu, which I considered to be one serving, but it's quite a bit of tofu.

Prepare a recipe of sweet and spicy garlic sauce .  

When ready to cook, mix together sesame seeds and all-purpose flour. Drain and discard the marinade. Pull the tofu pieces out a few at a time and remove excess garlic and ginger clinging to them. Dredge in the sesame seed and flour mixture.

Heat oil (I used peanut oil) over medium high heat in a non-stick sauté pan. Add the tofu and cook for a few minutes. Reduce the heat to medium. When browned, flip each piece over. Add more oil if necessary. Cook until browned, a few more minutes.

Meanwhile, slice some vegetables. I used broccoli and celeriac but choose whatever you like. I've made broccoli, celeriac and Brussels sprouts with the garlic sauce and no tofu and it's delicious.

Heat a separate sauté pan over medium-high heat. When hot, add a high temperate oil like peanut or canola. Add the vegetables and stir-fry until cooked. Start with hard vegetables like celeriac, broccoli stems, carrots, etc. first.

When done, remove from the heat and add the tofu. Add the chili garlic sauce and stir to coat.

Serve with rice.

This dish is vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free.

It would be nut-free if you used canola oil instead of peanut.

It could be made gluten-free with gluten-free soy sauce and any wheat-free flour substitute.

Here's another picture of it, with just broccoli and the sesame tofu:

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