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Cuban medianoche sandwich

This, in my opinion, is the most delicious sandwich ever created. This is more impressive because it does not contain any bacon, which you would think would be a requirement for my favorite sandwich.

The unfortunate thing is that you really have to made special slightly sweet, soft, white medianoche rolls from scratch. And a lemon, lime, orange, garlic and onion marinated mojo pork roast . In the past I've also made the jamón dulce (sweet ham) from scratch too, though today I cheated and just used deli ham.

So here's how you make it:

Slice a medianoche roll in half. The wikipedia article on the Cuban sandwich mentions that the medianoche roll is like challah. I had never though about it that way before, but it is! That would be a good substitute.

Add mustard. Add ham. I used 3 slices of thinly sliced deli ham. And two slices of thinly sliced Swiss cheese. Add a sandwich sliced dill pickle. And 2.8 oz. of thinly sliced mojo pork.

I served it with French fries, which I didn't make from scratch. But I did deep fry the frozen French fries, which always makes them taste better. 2 minutes at 360°F. Season with salt, freshly ground black pepper, cayenne pepper and granulated garlic.

So the sandwich is supposed to be pressed, like a panini, but without the grooves, which I knew but I somehow completely forgot when I was making it today. I even have a flat plate sandwich press/griddle. Oops.

Here's what it looks like pressed:

While you can't really freeze a sandwich whole, the sandwich above was made from frozen ingredients (except for the pickle). The roll was frozen, and the pork, ham and Swiss cheese were individually portioned, vacuum sealed and frozen. It was as good as the original!

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