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Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich (BLT)

I love a good BLT! Also, its relative, the Turkey Club . But here's my BLT. The key to a quick and easy BLT is frozen, pre-cooked bacon . I just take 3 slices, break them in half, and heat them in a sauté pan for a couple minutes. Since the bacon is pre-cooked it's fast and not nearly as messy as the bacon grease has already been rendered out when it was first cooked. You could also reheat the bacon in the microwave, but that's not as good. Or you could even just defrost it - my Mom makes BLT sandwiches with cold bacon, which I think it just sort of weird, but it tastes fine. But I like hot bacon better.

The bread in my sandwich is one slice of Barowski's wheat bread, cut in half. I don't consume enough sandwiches and toast to use a whole loaf of bread, so I freeze it. To defrost, I take the slice, wrap in plastic wrap and let sit at room temperature for a couple hours.

Then I cut the bread in half, add a little mayo to both sides, then layer the bacon, tomato, lettuce and top bread.

For the half-sandwiches I've found that plum tomatoes work really well. Two slices fit well. Big tomatoes, like a beefsteak, are far too large for a half sandwich.

I also occasionally make this sandwich as a BLTA, BLT with avocado. It's delicious, but the avocado is so slippery that it makes the sandwich difficult to eat, especially as a half sandwich. I usually make it when I have a half avocado left over after making sushi or guacamole.

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