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Grilled chicken for Caesar salad

I pre-cook and freeze portions of sliced grilled chicken for Grilled chicken Caesar salad . It's super easy to make a tasty salad when the meat is already cooked and ready.

Season chicken breast (tenders, in this case) with salt, pepper, granulated garlic and a little olive oil. Vacuum seal and sous vide for an hour at 160°F. The sous vide isn't completely necessary, especially for the thin breast tenders, but it does eliminate the problem of the outside of the chicken getting too charred before the chicken is cooked through and lessens the risk of cross-contamination with raw chicken.

Immediately chill the vacuum bag in cold water.

On a grill over high heat sear the chicken for 1:30 to 2:00 on each side. Let cool.

Slice, portion into 2.8 oz. portions, vacuum seal and freeze.

Update: With the chicken tenders it's easy to grill them without pre-cooking. Season, grill for 2:30 on each side. Check the temperature, mine were a little frozen when I put them on the grill so the insides didn't quite get up to 160°F but 30 seconds in the microwave solved that problem.

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