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CSA Week #5 (2013)

This week:

I selected:

lettuce carrots scallions zucchini garlic baby chard peas

All prepped: The lettuce, plus the remainder of the lettuce from last week made 3 salads, washed, spun dry and vacuum sealed in jars. I stemmed and cleaned the baby chard. Trimmed the greens from the carrots and washed. Trimmed the stalk from the garlic and washed. Washed and put the zucchini in a zip-lock bag. Trimmed and bagged the scallions. And shelled the peas.

Shortly thereafter I decided to vacuum seal the peas in a jar to keep them fresher.

I used 2 of the carrots to make salad veggies, and the lettuce to make salad.

I used half of the zucchini to make penne with meat sauce and zucchini.

And the other half to make fried zucchini.

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