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CSA Week #6 (2013)

This week:

I selected:

red leaf lettuce green beans scallions zucchini yellow summer squash garlic bok choy kale

Here it is all cleaned and divided. I tipped, tailed and blanched the green beans (2:30), cooled and vacuum sealed. The kale is stemmed, cut and washed. The lettuce for salads is cut, washed and vacuum sealed.

I used some of the lettuce to make an excellent tomato and mozzarella salad .

I tried and failed to make kale chips .

I used the yellow squash to make pasta with Italian sausage, summer squash and marinara sauce .

I used the bok choy to make veggie and tempeh stir-fry with spicy garlic sauce .

I used half of the zucchini for fried zucchini .

And the other half for Grilled veggies and bread .

I was away frequently last week so I didn't get a chance to consume everything. I froze the green beans that I previously blanched and vacuum sealed.

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