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Bratwurst and sauerkraut

This is a really delicious lunch! There isn't really a need for a recipe, but there has to be a post for a meal to show up in my menu viewer , so here it is.

It's a Johnsonville "stadium style" pork bratwurst.

Grilled 5 minutes, low temperature. I cooked the whole package and vacuum sealed and froze the 5 remaining ones.

Served on a whole wheat hot dog bun with Maille Dijon mustard.

And instead of serving it with potato chips like I do for my hot dog I decided on sauerkraut. That's another food I never think to have! It was really delicious and much healthier to have some fermented cabbage than potato chips. Actually, the active cultures are supposed to be good for you, too.

Updated May 9, 2015: I think I like it better this way, with the sauerkraut and some pickled hot banana peppers in the bun. It works well to spread out the sauerkraut and peppers on a paper towel in the shape they'll be in the bun, dry them out a bit, then lift them up with the paper towel flip them right inside. Works great!

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