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Reuben sandwich

I'm pretty sure I've never made a homemade reuben sandwich, and I don't know why because it's delicious!

Spread the melted butter on a piece of rye bread, then flip over (the buttered sides are on the outside).

Spread Russian dressing on the other side of the bread, then add slice of Swiss cheese and the Pastrami.

Dry out the sauerkraut on paper towel, add it to the sandwich. Add the other slice of Swiss cheese.

Spread Russian dressing on one side of the other piece of Rye bread. Put that on the inside of the sandwich and butter the final outside.

Grill in a Panini press until toasted the cheese is melted and the bread toasted.

Updated 2023-03-18

Also good with homemade corned beef (3.6 oz).

The Heidelberg seeded Jewish rye bread is good!

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