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CSA Week 3

This week's bounty included:

Green leaf lettuce Swiss chard Spinach Cilantro Garlic Scapes Beets Purple Scallions

There were some more options than that, but that's what I selected.

This week's schedule was going to be a little confused due to a 4th of July trip to my parents' house, then became more confused when I moved my departure date to Tuesday. Fortunately I was able to move my CSA pickup from Thursday to Monday and will be taking some of the veggies with me. But consequently I won't have detailed menus for what I made with my CSA this week.

I made:

Pork with purple scallions and garlic scapes as a quick stir-fry

Spicy beet ice cream

Snap peas with garlic, chili sauce, and cilantro

Salsa fresca (served with tortilla chips and smoked pork tacos )

Beef with purple scallions stir-fry

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