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Sesame tofu and spicy green beans

This turned out great! Slice a cake of extra firm tofu and marinate it in homemade teriyaki marinade overnight. Actually, it was a day longer than that because of an unexpected menu change (mmm… nachos ), and I think the extra day of marinating made it even better.

Prepare a coating of all-purpose flour and sesame seeds and coat the marinated tofu.

Heat a sauté pan with dark sesame oil and cook the tofu slices until browned.

Serve with rice, spicy green beans , and a dipping sauce of soy sauce and finely sliced scallions. Another time I prepared it:

Updated August 8, 2019:It also good if you skip marinating and instead mix the tofu into the spicy green beans so the spicy sauce adds some flavor to the tofu.

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