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CSA Week #1 (2012)

And the new CSA season begins! I didn't get a CSA ("Community Supported Agriculture") share last year because I was in the midst of moving just as the growing season was starting, but this year I got one from Earth's Harvest Farms in Morris, New York.

I was surprised at how much I got for it being so early in the year.

Baby lettuce Fresh oregano Scallions Lettuce Rhubarb Beet Greens Radishes

With the beet greens I made sautéed beet greens (with garlic and crushed red pepper flakes).

Part of the rhubarb I used to make rhubarb sorbet , which was really very delicious!

I used the scallions to make Twice-cooked pork with scallions and noodles .

And some delicious salad with the baby lettuce and radishes.

Asian lettuce wraps .

Red lentils with rhubarb and Indian spices . Yes, it's a savory rhubarb dish, and it's pretty good! It's also ridiculously healthy.

Next Week: CSA Week #2

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