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What I ate: October 24, 2012

Breakfast: Chorizo breakfast burrito with chorizo, onion, green pepper, jalapeƱo and egg. And a glass of orange juice.

Lunch: Turkey and cabbage stir-fry .

Snack: 1.0 oz. potato chips and French onion dip.

I was going to have sesame tofu and vegetables with sweet and spicy garlic sauce but I ended up doing a big winter preparation project in the garage and I was too tired to make it. So instead, I had:

Dinner: Three slices of pepperoni and mushroom pizza from my local pizza place, previously frozen.

And 2 glasses of William Hill cabernet sauvignon, California, 2010.

Weight at beginning of the day: 122.6 lbs. Weight at the beginning of the next day: 122.0 lbs.

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