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Delmonico steak with broccoli and potatoes with garlic, butter, and parsley

I seasoned the Tangletown Farm Delmonico steak with salt, pepper, garlic power, onion powder, a little cayenne pepper, and olive oil. I grilled it for a couple minutes on each side over very high heat, put it in a vacuum bag, rapidly chilled it , refrigerated it, then vacuum sealed it.

I froze it again, though I could have used it right away. The great thing about finishing a steak in the sous vide is that you can take the frozen steak in a vacuum bag out of the freezer and put it right into the 133°F water bath for an hour and a half and you get a perfectly medium rare steak!

The steak came from the first installment of my Meat CSA .

The potatoes are from the purple potatoes in CSA Week #5 and are boiled, then sautéed with butter, garlic, and finished with parsley (from CSA Week #4 ).

The broccoli was from CSA Week #6 and just steamed.

Served with a glass of Cannonball Cabernet Sauvignon (2007, California).

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