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What I cooked: April 5, 2011

Today was a big cooking day!

Day two of the three-day process for making homemade whole wheat bagels : kneading the dough and forming the bagels. Yesterday I started the poolish and soaker. Tomorrow they'll be boiled and baked.

I made mb'atten, a Libyan dish with potato, lamb and herbs . It was really good! There's a separate post for that dish with the recipe and more pictures.

Since I was using the deep fryer for mb'atten, I thought I'd also make a batch of vegetable pakora for tomorrow.

And a batch of green (hari) chutney for the dipping sauce:

I also cooked off a package of Vermont Smoke and Cure breakfast sausage links and froze them:

And made a batch of homemade spicy breakfast sausage patties , cooked and froze them as well:

And I also went to the wine store, liquor store, returned deposit bottles, went to the ATM and got my hair cut. It was a good day.

Oh, and I conditioned my cutting board and sharpened my knives too.

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