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A whole lot of recipes!

If you're reading this from the front page or the December 2011 archives, you're probably wondering why there are a ton of new recipe postings. I went back through every one of the "What I ate" postings, about 14 months worth of daily postings, and made sure there was a separate recipe page for everything that I've made. I also added comments, tags, categories and some links between some of the older recipe postings.

Some of the recipes are kind of silly, I mean who needs a recipe for a ham and cheese sandwich? But I wanted all of the separate postings so I can eventually make sort of a menu browser that would make it easier for me to find meals to make when I plan my weekly menus.

Here are links to a few of the posts right before the pile of recipes:

What I ate: December 10, 2011 What I ate: December 9, 2011 What I ate: December 8, 2011

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