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CSA Week #8 (2013)

This week:

I selected:

lettuce chard carrots zucchini yellow summer squash cucumber cabbage green bell pepper yellow beans garlic tomato jalapeño

All packaged and ready to refrigerate. I cleaned some of the lettuce and vacuum sealed it in a jar for salad. The rest I left whole for things like sandwiches. The garlic sits out on the windowsill to dry for a week before going into the 55°F cooler. The tomatoes go into the 55°F cooler right away. The beans I tipped and tailed and blanched for 2:30 before chilling and vacuum sealing. Everything else was just cleaned and put in zip-lock bags.

I used the green pepper to make Veggie sausage and green pepper stir-fry .

I used one of the carrots in Corn chowder .

I used part of a tomato to make bruschetta .

I used the rest of that tomato to make Whole wheat pasta with zucchini, tomato and prosciutto .

I used part of the other tomato for Bagel, lox and cream cheese .

I used some of the beans for a spicy bean side dish for my meatloaf.

I used the lettuce for salad.

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