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Appy Hour

I got an appetizer subscription box from https://appyhourbox.com/. It's good so far!

Ossau Iraty

Hailing from the French Pyrenees, this renowned sheep's milk cheese is aged for a minimum of 90 days, imbuing an intense, buttery flavor to the finished cheese. With notes of caramel and fruit, the taste of this rich cheese is unparalleled.

The Ossau Iraty French sheep's milk cheese and crackers was good! (Wednesday, 2024-05-29)

The first plate was with the Wafer crackers that came in the package, which were good, and surprisingly light and thin. The second plate above was just regular sesame water crackers from my supermarket.


Coppa is a masterpiece of flavor, rivaling Prosciutto in its rich taste. This dry-cured pork shoulder, bathed in a salt brine and expertly rubbed with red and black pepper, showcases artisanal craftsmanship.

The tasting guide recommended this with the Ossau Iraty, Smoky almonds, and Dried apricots, so I had some with two slices of Ossau Iraty. Also a piece of Wildgrain sourdough rosemary garlic bread with olive oil. (Thursday, 2024-05-30)

It was also recommended with Tomme Aux Fleur / Alp Blossom, but I'll have that with the Saucisson Sec.

Froze the last serving of 1.6 oz.

Tomme Aux Fleur / Alp Blossom

Spring means flowers, and this exceptional cow’s milk cheese from the Alps is a true taste of the new season. With a slightly tangy flavor and herbaceous, floral notes from the dried flowers that coat it, this semi-soft cheese is a delicate and nuanced flavor experience.

The tasting guide recommended this, along with the Saucisson Sec, Smoky almonds, and Dried apricots. I really enjoyed this!

Had this on Saturday and Sunday as well; finished the last on Sunday.

Brie Mon Pere

I got a deal with free brie. This should keep a fairly long time in the refrigerator, but I divided the piece into three and tried vacuum sealing and freezing one piece. The Internet is divided on whether you can freeze it or not, so we'll see.

This is part of the refrigerated serving and it was excellent!

This is the previously vacuum sealed and frozen piece. It was good - there was no problem with freezing it and the taste and texture were normal.

I had it with rosemary and olive oil crackers and it was good!

Saucisson Sec

This irresistible staple of French charcuterie tradition is made with hand-chopped pork, and is brightly flavored with juniper and brandy. Artisan salumieres air cure this delectable, savory cut, which translates to “dry sausage.” Beloved for its’ flavor and versatility, enjoy this Saucisson Sec with the floral Tomme Aux Fleur for a true taste of France in spring!

Had this with 3 plates, froze the last serving of 3 slices.

Smoky almonds

Slowly sunbaked at the California ranch where they are grown, these almonds have a hint of hickory smoke and a natural buttery sweetness. They're a great complement to this month's cheeses.

Dried apricots

These golden, chewy treats provide a beautiful compliment to the cheeses in this month's curation. Naturally sweet and slowly dried, these Turkish apricots are a soft and sweet juxtaposition to the unique flavors of this month's curation.

Domain Les Roques de Cana Cahors-Malbec, France 2015

I also got the red wine pairings with this box.

A full bodied Malbec is the perfect companion to the Tomme Aux Fleur. Its fruity notes complement the cheese's unique floral flavors, while the wine's acidity and tannins skillfully cut through it's richness.

Le Versant Cabernet Pays d'Oc France 2020

This wine's ample body gracefully complements the Ossau Iraty's creamy texture without overshadowing its nuanced flavors.

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