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Meat CSA Installment #2

It's been four weeks and it's time for the second installment of my small share Tangletown Farm meat CSA!

In this installment:

Fresh chicken Pork spare ribs Pork sausage Ground beef Porterhouse steak Beef short ribs Rabbit

I made:

Roasted chicken with the fresh chicken. That's actually an earlier chicken, but the preparation is the same.

Hasepfeffer (German pepper rabbit) with the rabbit.

I cooked then froze sausage patties with the sausage.

I cooked the steak as, um, steak. Though I divided it into three servings. One of the servings I made with sautéed arugula and steak fried potatoes .

I used the ground beef to make Meatloaf .

Also: Meat CSA Installment #1

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